What makes Shreddage II unique?

  • Totally clean sound

    All samples were recorded clean (DI), allowing you to craft your own custom tone from scratch - from surf rock to black metal, the choice is yours.

  • No expensive software required

    Shreddage II runs in the free KONTKAT PLAYER by Native Instruments, which means it works on PC & Mac, 32/64bit, in all plugin formats.

  • Bundled virtual amp

    Use the included ReValver HPse amp sim by PEAVEY along with our custom Shreddage presets and you can create killer tones in no time.

  • Easy to use

    You don't need to memorize dozens of keyswitches or MIDI controllers to use Shreddage II. Every articulation is at your fingertips - writing awesome riffs has never been easier.

  • Ideal for rock & metal

    Shreddage II features a 7-string guitar tuned to Drop G; with trem picking, pinch squeals, thick powerchords and muted chugs, it was BUILT to handle any kind of riff you throw at it.

  • Flexible & deep

    Advanced users can delve into 50+ settings ranging from legato timing and amplitude envelopes to custom string selection and picking behavior. Tweak to your heart's content.

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Download the full Shreddage II PDF manual

There is an impeccable attention to detail and some very good programming behind [Shreddage] that makes it hard to resist. Very convincing and playable! 10/10!
Tom Shear
Shreddage is one of the most flexible & playable virtual guitars I've used. Since the sounds are clean with no distortion, I can dial in the exact sound I want!
Tom Salta
Tom Salta
Award-Winning Composer
The first version impressed us, and the follow-up only improves on the original... Overall, an excellent buy for anyone needing virtual lead and rhythm guitar tones.
Computer Music Magazine
Computer Music
Issue 187

See Shreddage II in action

Will it work with my software?

Shreddage II is powered by Native Instruments KONTAKT PLAYER, the most popular and widely-used sampler.

KONTAKT can be used on virtually any music-making system in standalone mode, or as a plugin. Each instance of KONTAKT can load multiple instruments, which is particularly useful for Shreddage II's double-tracking capabilities.

  • Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar
  • Ableton Live, FL Studio, REAPER
  • Standalone mode
  • Any host supporting VST, AU, RTAS, AAX
Shreddage Picked Bass

Add Shreddage Bass to your arsenal!

Shreddage Bass is Shreddage II's best friend.

Shreddage Bass is a picked electric bass with Drop A tuning, featuring a pristine DI sound, tons of articulations and a floor-shaking tone. The instrument includes true hammer-on and pull-off playing, palm mutes, sustains, staccatos, muted playing, neck slides, and much more.

Though it's a great companion for Shreddage II and works very well for rock & metal music, Shreddage Bass is quite versatile. Use it for jazz, funk, pop, disco, or even electronic dance music.

Please note: Shreddage Bass requires the FULL version of Kontakt (not Kontakt Player), OR the free cross-platform Sforzando plugin.

Select your weapon of choice

Shreddage 1


Rhythm guitar only

  • Clean DI Tone
  • Easy To Use
  • Great For Rhythm
  • Full Kontakt & SFZ Format
  • Digital Download
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Picked Bass


The perfect accompaniment

  • Picked Electric Bass
  • Phat DI Tone
  • Muted & Open Styles
  • Hammer/Pull-Off Playing
  • Digital Download
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Shreddage 2


Next-gen electric guitar

  • The Ultimate Guitar VI
  • 50+ Custom Options
  • 7 Strings / Drop G Tuning
  • All Key Playing Techniques
  • Digital Download
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Shreddage 2 & Bass


The ultimate bundle

  • The Complete Collection
  • Perfect For Layering
  • Ultra-Low Tuning
  • Best Value
  • Digital Download
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